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Our patients are our top priority – they always come first. That’s why we’re committed to giving you quality Ruston, LA dentistry in a warm, friendly setting. You’ll feel like you’re visiting family when you’re in our office.

And before you get here, we want you to feel confident in the care you’ll receive. That’s why we’ve put together some frequently asked questions. You can scroll through some of the most common queries we receive before giving us a call at 318-255-8648 to schedule your appointment.


Q: How can I get a straight smile without the hassle of traditional braces?


As a Ruston provider of Invisalign, we can offer you these clear aligners to give you a beautiful, straight smile without the metal. You can even remove them for meals and cleaning!

Q: I need a crown, but I don’t want to wait weeks to get it. Can you help?


We sure can! By using the PlanScan® system, we can design, create, and position a dental crown in your mouth in one visit. You won’t need a temporary crown, and you won’t need messy impressions to create your same-day crown.

Q: Do I really need a dental cleaning every six months?


You really do. While brushing and flossing regularly are essential for good oral health, there are some things you can’t do at home. That includes removing tartar (hardened plaque) and checking for oral cancer.

Q: What’s the fastest way to get a new smile?


We offer several smile solutions that can reboot your appearance. One of the most reliably fast methods is with dental veneers. Or consider same-day crowns, used to repair damaged or decayed teeth. A consultation with Dr. Stuckey is the best way to find out if veneers or crowns are the right choice for you.

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