3 Easy Ways To Prevent Spring Dental Emergencies! [BLOG]

Now that spring is officially upon us, our team at Patrick Stuckey DDS wants to remind you where to turn if all that extra time outdoors being more physically active results in a dental emergency.

We’ll do all we can to arrange a same-day appointment in our Ruston, LA dental office so you can get the swift, effective dental treatment you need when disaster strikes!

But we’re not just here to treat dental emergencies .

We’re here to help you prevent them, too!

3 Easy Ways To Prevent Spring Dental Emergencies

Here are three easy ways you can better protect your teeth and gums from spring dental emergencies:

*Take Good Care Of Your Teeth & Gums*

Obviously, taking good care of your teeth and gums in the first place will help you prevent unexpected dental problems overall.

With a healthy, nutritious diet, good daily oral hygiene, lots of water, and routine dental checkups will keep your mouth safer from acid erosion, harmful bacteria, cavities, and gum disease, all of which would otherwise put your teeth in a compromised state and make them more susceptible to dental emergencies!

You can also take advantage of our preventive treatments like dental sealants and fluoride varnishes to block out bad bacteria and strengthen your tooth enamel!

*Invest In A Custom Mouthguard*

There are actually two ways a professionally-made mouthguard could help you prevent dental disasters!

The first is by protecting your teeth and gums while playing high-impact sports. Now that the spring sports season has begun, you’ll need full protection and comfort to prevent dental injuries during practices and games, which means customization is essential!

You won’t get that by buying a mass-produced mouthguard from a store!

Only a skilled dentist like Dr. Stuckey can take the precise measurements required to effectively protect your smile during an intense game where oral injury risks are literally all around you!

Another way a customized mouthguard can help you prevent dental emergencies is by curbing your teeth grinding habit while you sleep. Wearing one of our nightguards can stop your nightly grinding and clenching that wear down and weaken your teeth, thus decreasing your risk for unexpected dental problems down the road.

*Don’t Wait Until After Your Trip To Treat Dental Problems*

We know it’s pretty hectic arranging all the tiny, tedious details in the days and weeks leading up to a family vacation, but you’re not making life easier for yourself by putting off dental treatment until after your trip.

That’s because cavities and dental damage only weaken your teeth, putting you at a higher risk for a dental emergency. You don’t want to cut a fun family trip short because of a broken tooth, dental pain, or a failed restoration!

Get your dental treatment out of the way before you leave so you’ll have a better chance of avoiding any pain or problems that could spoil your spring vacation.

Call Us For Emergency Dental Care!

Even when you take all the right precautions to care for your teeth and gums and prevent oral health problems, sometimes life will have other plans!

When you’re in need of emergency dental care, count on Dr. Stuckey and our team for effective treatment, fast pain relief, and a smooth road back to strong, healthy smile!

Call Patrick Stuckey, D.D.S. today at 318-225-7986 for a same-day appointment, or fill out our convenient online form for non-emergency appointments in Ruston, LA.

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