3 Ways You Can Keep Smiling This Summer! [BLOG]

At Patrick Stuckey, DDS, we do all we can to keep your smile strong and healthy. That means giving you the tools for oral health success, especially against some of the oral health obstacles you could run into during the summer months.

Today, we’re sharing helpful ways to protect your teeth and gums as you enjoy the season.

3 Ways You Can Keep Smiling This Summer!

Summer can affect your smile in surprising ways if you’re not careful. Our Ruston, LA dental team is here to help with some unlikely oral health threats and how you can stay safe through it all.

Here are three ways you can keep smiling this summer!

*Stay Hydrated*

A common oral health hazard during the summer is dry mouth. It can happen because maybe you’re not getting enough water to keep up with all the fluids you lose from sweating in the heat of the sun. Or maybe you’re a swimmer whose teeth are being exposed to excess acidic chlorine from the pool.

Saliva protect your tooth enamel from erosion, which also keeps your smile safe from stains and your mouth safe from problematic bacteria.

When you’re not hydrated well enough, your saliva production takes a hit.

That’s why it’s more important than ever during the summer to get lots of water all throughout the day so your teeth and gums don’t suffer the consequences of dehydration.

*Protect Your Teeth On Vacation*

Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean dental problems will wait until a more convenient time to strike!

There are a couple of things you can do to be prepared.

First, know where to find emergency dental care while you’re away from home. Take a few minutes to research your destination and jot down nearby dental practices and their phone numbers. This way, should you or someone in your travel group experience a dental emergency, help won’t be hard to find.

Another tip is to get any dental treatment out of the way before you leave. The last thing anyone wants to deal with on vacation is a toothache, loose tooth, or cracked tooth that needs repair.

When you get it taken care of first, you can enjoy a fun, more relaxing time with your family.

*Snack Smart*

Between the kids being on a summer break from school, travel sports, and perhaps a road trip or two, you might be eating a bit differently.

It’s always a challenge to eat healthy on the go, but when you set you and your family up for success, good oral health is easier to maintain.

That means preparing smart snacks ahead of time so you’re not tempted to add extra sugar to your usual diet simply out of convenience. Too much sugar is just what the bad bacteria inside your mouth is waiting for so it can chow down, power up, and multiply. This is what leads to tooth decay, cavities, and worse.

To avoid that, you can pre-cut carrots and celery, apples, grab a few oranges, and a bag of almonds for your busy day at the pool or beach. Make sure to keep plenty of water packed in the cooler, too.

Again, it’s all about planning ahead when it comes to smart summer snacking!

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