4 Holiday Tips For Sleep Apnea Sufferers [BLOG]

If you struggle with restlessness or loud snoring night after night, you may have sleep apnea, a chronic disorder where you wake repeatedly because your airway is being obstructed.

It not only deprives you of the rest you need, but it puts your health and your jolly holiday mood at risk!

Our team at Patrick Stuckey, DDS in Ruston, LA can help you beat sleep apnea with a custom oral appliance so you can enjoy peaceful, silent nights!

4 Holiday Tips For Sleep Apnea Sufferers

Here are four holiday tips for sleep apnea sufferers that may help you avoid even more restlessness than you already deal with on a nightly basis.

*Stick To A Routine*

A common problem the holidays can pose for people with sleep disorders is the way a different routine or environment impacts sleep. If you’re going to bed and waking up at different times than you normally do, or if you’re traveling to visit relatives for the holidays and are sleeping in an unfamiliar environment, you might have even more trouble getting a good night’s rest.

Do your best to keep the same sleeping and waking hours as you always do, and try to recreate a similar sleep environment to the one you’re used to.

*Limit Alcohol*

Anyone should be careful when it comes to drinking alcohol, but sleep apnea sufferers are at a greater disadvantage.

If you’re already experiencing snoring and breathing problems when you sleep, alcohol will make it worse. Have a drink or two over the holidays, but just remember to drink responsibly and to particularly limit alcohol if you’re already dealing with sleep apnea.

*Don’t Overeat*

Being overweight doesn’t mean you’ll suffer from sleep apnea, nor does being thin make you immune to this disorder. But excess weight can certainly increase your risk.

That means the holiday season can pose a problem for sleep apnea sufferers or those at risk for developing it.

We all indulge a bit more this time of year, with so many holiday dinners and, of course, desserts. It’s not uncommon to put on a little extra weight.

You’re entitled to enjoy all your favorite holiday foods, but just remember to practice moderation, especially in the couple of hours before bedtime. If you don’t overeat, you might manage to get through the season without complicating your sleep apnea and its symptoms.

*Travel Lightly With An Oral Device*

The holidays are the busiest time of year for traveling. 

If you plan on setting out to visit distant relatives and friends, a CPAP machine can make travel more hectic and inconvenient.

But if you visit our Ruston, LA dental office for sleep apnea treatment, we can provide a small oral device, customized to fit your mouth comfortably and help you pack lightly and easily.

This is also a great way to allow anyone traveling with you to get a good night’s sleep, too, because you won’t be dealing with a noisy CPAP machine.

Come To Us For Solutions!

The holidays are a particularly hectic time, wonderful as it is to spend time with family and friends. With so much going on, so many things to do, so many places to be, and so many delicious indulgences, your sleep apnea can be worsened by all the holiday fun.

We hope our tips in today’s blog help you avoid that, and we want to remind you to count on us for lasting solutions so you can always enjoy silent, peaceful nights!

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