Can Summer Make Your Sleep Apnea Worse? [BLOG]

This time of year, sleep apnea sufferers face certain obstacles on top of the debilitating symptoms they already have to deal with every single day.

That’s because the summer months can make it even harder to get enough rest.

Today, our team at Patrick Stuckey, DDS in Ruston, LA are going to talk about why.

We hope what you discover in today’s blog helps you and your family avoid the summer sleep apnea dilemma!

Can Summer Make Your Sleep Apnea Even Worse?

Yes and no.

What we mean is, it’s not as if sleep apnea itself gets worse, but your ability to manage all its symptoms can become a bigger challenge during summertime.

Here are two main reasons your sleep apnea could make life a little more miserable for you and your family during this particular season:

*It Can Be Worse If You Have Allergy Problems*

Seasonal allergies are no fun at all, and the severity of symptoms usually depends on where in the country you live. Certain areas have more air quality problems than others and more pollen being carried around through the breeze all day long.

If you deal with this a couple times a year, then you’re familiar with the typical symptoms like itchy, watery eyes, sneezing, sinus headaches, and yes, nasal congestion.

The sleep apnea sufferer will find this time of year pretty miserable, especially if all they can rely on for restful sleep is a CPAP machine.

Such a device will do little to help you breathe easily at night if you can’t breathe through your nose at all!

A custom-made oral appliance from Dr. Stuckey could be the answer to a problem like this. Worn like a mouthguard, it keeps your upper and lower jaw in a better position to let air pass through while you sleep, so a stuffy nose would not get in the way of its effectiveness.

*It Can Be Worse If Snoring Disturbs Your Family Vacation*

If you’ve been suspecting for some time now that you have sleep apnea, it’s probably because of your nightly snoring. Loud, chronic snoring is usually the first symptom people associate with this sleep disorder because it’s so common.

The reason your sleep apnea becomes more of an issue during the summer, outside of nasal congestion from seasonal allergies, is that it’s a popular time for tourism. Sharing a small condo or hotel room with your spouse and kids means your loud snoring will affect everyone’s ability to get enough sleep.

And a family vacation is less relaxing when everyone is tired and cranky!

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Don’t let your problems with sleep apnea go untreated. With seasonal allergies and perhaps a family vacation coming up, you’ll likely have an even tougher time, as will your family, getting the rest you need to have a relaxing summer.

Dr. Stuckey and our team are here to help you find solutions.

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