Don’t Let Painful TMJ Curse Your Thanksgiving! [BLOG]

Many of us look forward to Thanksgiving because it means we get to eat delicious food and visit with distant friends and relatives we don’t get to see much through the year.

But with that comes a great deal of preparation!

Maybe you and your spouse have to pack up the kids to head out of town for the long weekend, or perhaps you’re the one hosting the out-of-town guests.

Maybe much of the Thanksgiving dinner rests on your shoulders.

And, to add to your to-do list, there’s Black Friday shopping to think about!

How are you supposed to get through it all and still maintain your sanity if you’re plagued with chronic pain?

Yet, that’s what the TMJ sufferer deals with all the time.

The TMJ is your temporomandibular joint, or your jaw joint, that you rely on all day to eat, speak, laugh, sing, yawn, and the list goes on. Under constant use, it’s possible for that joint to malfunction, which is referred to as TMJ disorder .

And it brings a host of painful symptoms.

Our team at Patrick Stuckey, DDS hopes today’s blog will help you avoid that so you can have a peaceful, relaxing Thanksgiving!

Trying To Count Your Blessings With Painful TMJ

You know things could be worse and that you should have an attitude of gratitude, especially this time of year.

But let’s be honest, pain is pain, and it’s a powerful distraction that makes it nearly impossible to focus on the positive.

Here are some of the miserable TMJ disorder symptoms we’re talking about:

*Constant painful headaches and migraines


*Soreness and tension in your face, jaw, and neck

*Clicking noises in your jaw

*Earache pain

*Difficulty chewing

*Clenching or grinding your jaw and teeth

Many of these are cyclical in nature because they involve the constant use of your jaw, thereby only making your symptoms worse.

When you have so much to prepare for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, it can make the season of blessings feel much more like a curse!

Don’t Let Painful TMJ Curse Your Thanksgiving!

It’s widely agreed among professionals that TMJ can’t always be traced to one cause in particular, but rather, can result from a number of different factors, like:

*An injury to the face or jaw

*Sensitivity to pain

*Bad posture


*Teeth grinding


*The position of teeth

Some studies even tell us that women between the ages of 18 and 44 are at a higher risk for developing TMJ disorder.

But you don’t necessarily need the experts to agree on what’s causing all this pain and discomfort. What you need is an experienced professional, like Dr. Stuckey in Ruston, LA, to help you find relief!

He and our team use the advanced NTI Tension Suppression System to create custom mouthguards for the most precise, comfortable fit. You wear over your upper or lower teeth to keep them separated so you don’t put pressure on your jaw or grind your teeth together, which is a behavior that can only aggravate TMJ symptoms.

Over time, your jaw joint will actually begin to heal itself!

The sooner you visit Dr. Stuckey, the sooner you’ll be counting your blessings for a pain-free holiday!

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Everyone deserves to enjoy the holidays with the people they love.

If TMJ pain is threatening that, you can find relief and solutions that work at Patrick Stuckey, DDS!

You’ll be grateful you did!

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