Experience Dental Care Differently With Inhaled Sedation [BLOG]

Going to the dentist is the easiest thing in the world for some people.

In fact, at Patrick Stuckey, DDS in Ruston, LA, we have many patients who say they actually enjoy getting their teeth cleaned!

But that’s not you.

Nope, not at all.

For you, a trip to the dentist is torture!

All the distant sounds of drills in the background, the sterile look and smell of the office, and the discomfort you often feel during treatments is enough to turn your stomach and make your palms sweat even before you arrive.

We’re here to help change that kind of experience for you!

Experience Dental Care Differently With Inhaled Sedation!

Dentist appointments are an entirely different experience when you rely on inhaled sedation . The way it affects you physically will probably come at no surprise, but let us explain to you some of the other ways your dental care can change, too!

*Enjoy More Efficient Dental Treatments*

Do you usually have to stop several times during dental treatments because you’re physically uncomfortable? Does keeping your mouth wide open for a long period of time drive you crazy?

Is your sensitive gag reflex what draws out your procedures?

We understand having to stop and let patients rest, but we also know that letting patients use inhaled sedation not only makes them more calm and relaxed, it helps us work more efficiently!

*Overcome Your Dental Anxiety*

Once you’ve tried inhaled sedation, you’ll start to wonder why you let yourself get all worked up about dentist appointments up until now. While your reasons may have been perfectly sound, maybe because of a traumatic dental appointment from your past, you’ll at least have a recent experience to help you remember that treatment is so much easier than you once led yourself to believe.

When your next trip to the dentist rolls around, you won’t feel nearly as anxious as you used to!

*Make Dental Appointments Easier To Manage*

Sometimes, it’s not fear that makes people so anxious at the dentist.

It’s stress!

When you have a hectic schedule day after day, finding time for dental appointments can feel like one more hassle you don’t need. As a result, you probably feel more tense than you need to once you arrive.

If you rely on dental sedation, you could squeeze more than one procedure into a single appointment, making it much easier to manage your already busy schedule.

Give It A Try!

All this might sound great, but you know that things will never change until you actually give dental sedation a try.

Stress, anxiety, and fear don’t have to control your dental health anymore because after your first experience with sedation, you’ll know that irrational, terrifying expectations you used to have before appointments aren’t rooted in reality.

See dental care in a different way! Call Patrick Stuckey, D.D.S. today at 318-225-7986 or fill out our convenient online form to request an appointment in Ruston, LA.

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