Helpful Easter Tips For Your Family’s Teeth! [BLOG]

To keep your family’s teeth strong and healthy this Easter, your friends at Patrick Stuckey DDS are sharing some helpful tips with you!

That way, all the extra candy in those Easter baskets won’t derail everyone’s dental health!

Ways To Protect Your Family’s Teeth At Easter

Here are some ways you can protect your family’s teeth from the potential pitfalls of sugar, courtesy of your Ruston, LA dentist:

*Set Your Family Up For Smile Success*

Did you think we were going to tell you to skip the candy this Easter?

We wouldn’t dare!

After all, holidays like this only come around once in a while, so indulging your sweet tooth a little isn’t going to ruin your smile.

But you can make things easier on your family’s smiles by setting everyone up for success. That means avoiding temptation!

You want to enjoy the sugar-packed candy in moderation, so hide the Easter candy, and bring it out only as an after-dinner treat. It’s also better to stay away from full-size candy bars or chocolate bunnies with additional filling.

Hollowed-out chocolate candy, or bite-size, pre-portioned candies are more likely to remind you about moderation when it comes to your family’s sugar intake!

*Avoid Sticky, Hard Candy*

Not all candy is going to affect your teeth in quite the same way.

Hard candy like jawbreakers, suckers, and lollipops can damage your tooth enamel, for example, when you bite down and crunch on them. They also lengthen the amount of time your mouth is exposed to sugar, which is only going to give bacteria the opportunity to feast and thrive!

That’s also the problem with sticky candy, like caramel-covered chocolate, gooey marshmallows, and stringy taffy. Any candy that literally sticks to your teeth will definitely wear out its welcome inside your mouth and give bacteria everything it needs to cause trouble.

No matter what type of candy you eat, though, a good rule of thumb is to rinse your mouth with water afterwards to eliminate any lingering sugar or food particles.

*Put Sugarless Gum In Your Baskets*

Include sugarless gum in your family’s Easter stash!

For one thing, chewing encourages the production of saliva, and that’s always good for your teeth. It’s a natural source of bacteria-fighting liquid that moves through your mouth during the day, washing away whatever food and residue is left behind after your meals.

Saliva also coats your teeth, making it harder for dark pigments and harmful acids to break through.

Another great thing about sugarless gum is that it contains xylitol. This ingredient, approved by the ADA, fights plaque build up, tooth decay, and cavities!

*Other Fun Gift Ideas for Easter*

Who says your family’s Easter baskets have to be exclusively stocked with sugary treats?

Not us!

In fact, we think kids would enjoy festive little trinkets, toys, and activities just as much, if not more, than eating candy. So here are a few more ways to fill their Easter baskets this year:


  • Coloring books and crayons
  • Squirt guns, bubbles, or yo-yos
  • Brightly-colored pens or pencils
  • Gift cards or cash
  • EOS lip balm


Depending on your child’s age, you can always fill up their Easter basket with whatever surprises you know they’ll enjoy, and just use the empty space leftover for a little bit of candy!

Schedule Your Family’s Next Appointment!

Holidays are always fun, but they’re also always filled with dental landmines!

Easter is no exception, thanks to the baskets filled with brightly-colored, sugary goodness.

Enjoy it!

Just remember our tips for keeping your family’s teeth healthy, and visit us after the holiday for everyone’s next dental checkup!

We’ll make sure your family’s smiles are still on the right track.

Call Patrick Stuckey, D.D.S. today at 318-225-7986 or fill out our convenient online form to request an appointment in Ruston, LA.

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