Keep Your Smile Bright With Tooth-Colored Fillings! [BLOG]

Because most people will get a cavity somewhere along the way, it’s highly likely that you might be one of the many walking around with an old filling that may have fulfilled its role in keeping your oral health intact.

Dental fillings don’t last forever, so at some point, you probably need to replace it.

At Patrick Stuckey, DDS, we offer a modern solution that not only preserves your healthy smile, but keeps it naturally bright!

We’re talking about tooth-colored fillings and why they’re a great alternative to protect those teeth still haunted by ghosts of cavities past! 

Keep Your Smile Bright With Tooth-Colored Fillings

If you have any old dental restorations, especially metal dental fillings, you might want to consider replacing it in a less conspicuous way.

You can still keep your mouth healthy by changing to a tooth-colored filling, made with a durable composite material that also keeps your smile bright!

Here are some benefits of our tooth-colored fillings option in Ruston, LA for treating tooth decay and cavities:

*Hide Evidence Of Your Dental Problems*

Probably the most significant cosmetic benefits to advanced restorative dentistry is that you don’t have to treat dental problems with dark metal if you don’t want to. While metal fillings are widely-available, and understandably relied upon, they can disrupt the appearance of your smile if located close enough to your front teeth.

You can have straight, healthy teeth, but one small dental filling can be enough to stand out and distract from your otherwise lovely smile.

Tooth-colored fillings blend in naturally, hiding any evidence of your past dental problems!

*Protect Your Teeth From Future Damage*

Tooth-colored fillings are made of a more pliable material than metal, but that doesn’t mean composite fillings aren’t strong.

The opposite is true, actually. These fillings are able to handle the pressure and force of chewing your food, while still maintaining the microscopic changes to your tooth structure. This helps prevent the formation of tiny gaps where bacteria would otherwise hide and fester.

The flexibility of tooth-colored fillings also helps protect your teeth over time from future damage.

*Relieve Tooth Pain & Sensitivity*

When tooth decay progresses, it wears away your enamel and can create a cavity, which is a hole that will only widen and deepen the longer you go without treatment.

That’s why people sometimes feel increased tooth sensitivity or dental pain and discomfort that alert them to the problem.

Metal responds to hot and cold temperatures differently than composite materials, which means you might do better with a tooth-colored filling to relieve pain and sensitivity and restore comfortable oral function.

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Dental pain, tooth sensitivity, or even a dark, noticeable filling from a past cavity can all distract you from enjoying what’s left of the holidays.

That’s why you should let Dr. Stuckey check it out so he can see if a tooth-colored filling can help your smile stay bright and healthy!

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