Relieving (& Avoiding!) Tooth Pain [BLOG]

Tired of the throbbing pain coming from a tooth, your gums, or your jaw?

Want to go back to eating without pain? Enjoying the full function of your mouth instead of avoiding your favorite foods or chewing on just one side?

It’s time to visit Patrick Stuckey, DDS in Ruston, LA so we can get to the bottom of your tooth pain , treat the issue, and keep your smile healthy!

Painful Dental Problems Don’t Heal On Their Own!

When your body is functioning at peak performance, it has extraordinary self-healing capabilities.

But there are some health problems that require the care of an experienced professional.

Dental problems like cavities, gum disease, and oral infections are the kinds of issues that will not heal on their own. In fact, letting them go untreated will eventually lead to intense pain in most cases, but will also put your oral and overall health at serious risk.

That’s why, along with routine dental checkups, you need to visit Dr. Stuckey in Ruston, LA at the earliest sign of trouble, whether you’re experiencing a toothache, tooth sensitivity, or persistent throbbing dental pain.

We’ll take immediate action to stop the underlying dental problem in its tracks and preserve your healthy, beautiful smile!

Relieving (& Avoiding!) Tooth Pain

If you’re already dealing with a toothache, you need relief fast.

In most cases, we can end your pain, and potentially save your tooth, with restorative dentistry services like dental fillings and root canal treatments.

In either case, we’ll help you get comfortable with laughing gas if you need it, numb your mouth, and skillfully perform your dental procedure. Our goal is to do all we can to save your natural tooth, if possible, which may require a partial or full dental crown when all is said and done. This not only preserves your smile’s appearance, but it protects your tooth from further decay or infection.

But we can also help you avoid painful dental problems in the first place with our comprehensive cleanings and exams. We’ll make sure your mouth is free of plaque and tartar buildup, as well as check for any signs of early gum disease or other issues and treat them right away.

Prevention requires routine maintenance, and our team in Ruston, LA is your trusted source for high-quality dentistry to keep your mouth healthy and pain-free!

Let Us Help You!

Popping ineffective over-the-counter pain relievers or relying on topical medications to find relief for your dental discomfort not only wastes your time and money, but it puts your health at risk.

Let our team at Patrick Stuckey, DDS help you!

We’ll restore your oral function, relieve your dental pain, work to save your tooth, and keep your mouth healthy!

Don’t wait! Call Patrick Stuckey, D.D.S. today at 318-225-7986 or fill out our convenient online form to request an appointment in Ruston, LA.

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