Start A New Life With A Full-Mouth Reconstruction [BLOG]

Have years away from the dentist left you with failing restorations or weak, loose, or missing teeth?
Are you tired of a steady diet of soft, mushy foods because that’s all your mouth, or slippery dentures, can handle?

Do you want to eat all your favorite foods comfortably, smile confidently, and keep your mouth healthy for good?

Then turn to our team at Patrick Stuckey, DDS in Ruston, LA for a full-mouth reconstruction !

With this customized plan, we’ll combine the best in modern restorative dentistry to replace missing teeth and failed restorations, give you a strong, secure bite, and preserve your beautiful, youthful smile.

You won’t have to avoid social situations, hide your dental problems, feel embarrassed or anxious about loose dentures, or long for the days back when eating was healthy and enjoyable.

You can begin again with our help!

Common Steps Of A Full-Mouth Reconstruction

Every patient will have their own specific dental needs, and thus, their own unique full-mouth reconstruction plan.

But here are some common steps to rebuilding smiles that’ve been affected by poor oral health:

*Extracting Loose Or Unhealthy Teeth*

Some patients who come to us with missing teeth also have problems with a few of their surrounding teeth that need to be addressed first. If you have teeth that have become weak from damage or decay, or have become loose from gum disease, we may begin by extracting those teeth, if necessary, to prevent any future problems.

Then we’ll continue with the best tooth replacement option for your most successful outcome.

*Placing Dental Implants*

We work with an expert oral surgeon to place your dental implants so that when it comes time to replace your missing teeth, we can fix them to the implants for the closest thing to natural bite strength of real teeth you’re ever going to find in modern dentistry.

*Securing Replacement Teeth To Implants*

Whether you’re missing one tooth, several teeth, or a full arch, we can secure your restorations to dental implants for the strongest, most lasting solution. This can be done with just a single dental crown, with dental bridges, and with dentures depending on your specific health needs.

Regardless, your smile will look completely natural and your teeth will be able to withstand the force needed to eat all your favorite foods.

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Any amount of time spent restricting your diet, hiding your smile, or feeling anxious or uncomfortable because of complicated dental problems is too long.

You can start a new, healthier, and happier life when you get a full-mouth reconstruction in Ruston, LA. We’ll make sure you have strong, secure replacement teeth so you can enjoy the quality of life you deserve.

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