The Only Thing To Fear About The Dentist Is Not Going! [BLOG]

In the spirit of the season of fright, our team at Patrick Stuckey, DDS in Ruston, LA wants to make sure that you’re not letting fear keep you from the healthy, beautiful smile you deserve!

We’re sharing some insight into dental phobia , its consequences, and how we can help you overcome it!

Are You A Dental Phobic?

A dental phobic is someone who is so anxious about going to the dentist that they cancel, or purposely don’t schedule, appointments.

Some level of nervousness before or during a dentist appointment is pretty typical.

But if your fear is such that you can hardly go at all for the routine cleanings and exams you need, you’re probably a dental phobic.

It’s critical that you learn to get past your fears of dental care, however, for several reasons.

The Only Thing To Fear About The Dentist Is Not Going!

Here are three reasons that not going to the dentist is actually scarier than going for routine checkups:

*Scary Dental Problems*

Many dental problems, outside of an accident or injury, can lurk quietly inside your mouth. While you might assume you’d feel or see tooth decay or a cavity, for example, that’s not always the case.

If you wait to see a dentist only during times when you’re aware of a dental problem, by then you may require the type of treatment you fear most.

So scary dental problems can, and often do, develop without you realizing it.

*Dangerous Oral & Overall Health Problems*

Gum disease is dangerous.

One reason for that is because it’s basically a bacterial infection, one that can infiltrate your entire body if it manages to enter your bloodstream.

Another reason it’s particularly dangerous is that it can advance for a very long time with no visible signs, at least not to you.

A skilled hygienist and experienced dentist, however, knows exactly what to look for during cleanings and exams and how to effectively treat gum disease so it doesn’t put your health or your smile at risk.

Just another reason why those regular checkups are so valuable!

*Unsightly Smile Problems*

Lack of routine dental care, as we’ve said, will create problems with the strength and health of your teeth and gums.

Consequently, you’ll start to see those problems in your smile.

Damaged, decayed, or diseased teeth aren’t just unhealthy, but they’re unsightly, leading to an embarrassing smile that you’ll spend the rest of your life feeling ashamed of and trying to hide.

Overcome Dental Phobia With Sedation!

At Patrick Stuckey, DDS, we’ve found inhaled sedation, or laughing gas, to be a highly effective tool in combating dental anxiety.

Some of the reasons it’s so helpful to fearful patients are:

*It takes immediate effect.

*It wears off quickly.

*It allows patients to drive themselves to and from appointments.

*It’s safe for all ages.

*It takes the edge off by relaxing the body so patients get the treatment they need.

After you’ve experienced the effects of inhaled sedation, we’re confident you’ll feel more and more comfortable with each new dental appointment moving forward.

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