Tooth Extraction: Knowing When To Walk Away [BLOG]

Did Valentine’s Day dredge up some painful memories of the times you’ve had to walk away from a bad relationship?

We can all relate, and fortunately in most cases, we can also relate to the feeling of finally coming to terms with those situations and realizing it was the right thing to do.

Sometimes, it’s really hard to know when to walk away, and not just when it comes to your love life.

It’s similar to tough decisions you might face regarding your physical well-being, too.

Like how to know when it’s time to extract a tooth rather than tough it out in hopes that things will get better.

That’s what our team at Patrick Stuckey, DDS is here to help you understand in today’s blog!

Tooth Extraction: Knowing When To Walk Away

So how do you know when to walk away from a problem tooth?

Your Ruston, LA dentist can tell you for sure, but here are some of the most common reasons a tooth extraction is for your own good!

*You’ve Been In Denial For Too Long*

It’s hard to admit when it’s time to face a problem you’ve been ignoring for too long.

We find this to be the case most often with especially fearful dental patients.

They can’t bring themselves to get the treatment they need because of intense dental anxiety, and inevitably, their denial leads to worse problems later.

Untreated infection, gum disease, or tooth decay can land you in the dental chair for a tooth extraction because too much time has gone by to save a tooth with standard restorative solutions.

*You’re Not Getting Anything Out Of It Anymore*

A long time ago, our third set of molars served an important purpose, but we’ve evolved to the point where we just don’t need our wisdom teeth anymore.

In fact, it’s often the case that you not only don’t get anything out of your wisdom teeth, but they tend to cause more harm than good!

We might recommend extracting those molars if it looks like they’re too susceptible to gum disease or cavities, or if they’re causing you pain because of their position.

If you’re not getting anything out of it, it’s time to move on!

*The Relationship Has Become A Bit Crowded*

One of the most painful experiences a relationship can face is when a third party enters the picture and causes nothing but heartache and destruction.

When teeth you don’t need intrude upon the space in your mouth, things can get a bit too crowded. That’s when you need to kick them to the curb!

In other words, you might need to make way for a straighter, healthier smile by extracting teeth that threaten the position and alignment of your surrounding teeth. It’s common to remove a few teeth in preparation for braces or clear aligners, for example.

In this scenario, your smile and oral health are much better off without those teeth!

*You Realize It’s Beyond Help*

Not everything that’s been damaged or broken can be repaired, especially when it comes to your teeth.

Dental injuries can often be fixed with fast, effective treatment.

But there are certainly times when a tooth is beyond help because the damage is too extensive, and the best course of action is to remove it. A large chip, crack, or break is an open door for bad bacteria, so when a dental veneer or crown won’t be enough to cover the damage, we will extract the tooth and replace it with a strong dental implant and natural-looking restoration.

That way, your smile stays healthy and beautiful!

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Dentists know better than anyone how tough it is to say goodbye to a natural tooth. Nothing is better than the real thing, which is why a tooth extraction is our last resort after other solutions have been considered.

We understand when it’s in your best interest to have a tooth removed, so if you’re facing a painful, or potentially complicated, dental problem, we’ll help you decide if an extraction is the right solution for your smile.

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