What You Won’t Get With Invisalign [BLOG]

This time next year, your crooked teeth could be straight, the gaps in your smile could be closed, and your smile could be everything you always wanted it to be.

Sound like the smile fairy is several years too late to the party?

Nope. She’s just in time, actually.

That’s because metal braces aren’t the only way to get a straight, beautiful smile, and it’s something many adults are turning to more and more for results they want.

We’re talking about Invisalign , and you can get started at Patrick Stuckey, DDS in Ruston, LA!

How Invisalign Is Different

Invisalign differs from traditional braces in several ways, many of which we’re talking about today.

And what’s interesting here is that those differences actually make Invisalign a more appealing orthodontic treatment option, especially among adults.

It’s almost as if you reach a certain age and decide that a number of your goals and dreams are suddenly off the table.

But this clear aligner therapy defies that logic!

With Invisalign, you’re using custom-made clear plastic aligners to shift your teeth into the right place instead of bonding brackets to your teeth and tightening the wires that connect them.

You’re trading out new aligners every couple of weeks until the treatment is complete and your smile is straight.

So now let’s talk about what you won’t get with this option!

What You WON’T Get With Invisalign!

You’ll enjoy the same results either way you go, but there’s something to be said for choosing Invisalign instead of metal braces to correct crooked, overlapping teeth.

*You Won’t Have To Sacrifice Your Appearance*

You’ve already gone years feeling insecure about your appearance.

Do you want to go a couple more feeling embarrassed about being the only adult in a business meeting wearing metal braces?

You won’t have to sacrifice your appearance with Invisalign because the aligners are clear and really hard to spot!

*You Won’t Have Sores Inside Your Mouth*

We’re not talking about cold sores. We’re talking about those irritated, scratched, or inflamed spots inside your cheeks and lips where sharp wires poke the tissue.

Smooth, clear plastic aligners, on the other hand, will feel comfortable against your cheeks and lips while you wear them.

*You Won’t Have To Change Your Diet*

Back in school, you saw your friends huddling around the bathroom mirror after lunch racing against the clock to clean food out of their braces before the bell rang.

Do you want to excuse yourself during a business lunch or a romantic dinner to do the same thing?

You don’t have to with Invisalign therapy because you can take out your aligners when you eat. That also means you don’t have to change your diet, either!

*You Won’t Have To Wait As Long*

You’ve already waited years to have straight teeth. Do you really want to wait a couple more like you would if you wore standard brackets and wires?

With Invisalign, you won’t have to wait any longer. You can be finished with your treatment in a year, or less in some cases!

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What you won’t get with Invisalign is lengthy, unsightly orthodontic treatment.

What you will get is a straight, beautiful smile!

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