Why Dental Implants & Crowns Are A Dynamic Duo [BLOG]

Just like the comic book team, Batman and Robin, the field of dentistry has its own dynamic duo that does more to preserve and protect your healthy, natural-looking smile than any other method of tooth replacement.

It’s the powerful pairing of a dental implant with a dental crown to replace missing teeth, and it happens all the time for our Ruston, LA patients at Patrick Stuckey, DDS!

Why Dental Implants & Crowns Are A Dynamic Duo

One of the most overlooked potential hazards of losing a tooth is losing the root of that tooth. Most people, at least initially, are fixated on the dilemma of having a large empty space in their mouth, an unsightly smile, and loss of function.

But equally important to your oral health is the root of a tooth, whose job is to stabilize the tooth, allow you to tear and chew food, and to keep your jawbone engaged, strong, and healthy.

That’s why tooth replacement that joins a dental implant with a dental crown is such a dynamic force for your oral and overall health!

It’s the only method that offers a complete, lifelike smile with the function, facial shape preservation, and longevity anywhere close to the job your natural teeth do for you.

Here are a couple more ways implants and crowns are a dynamic duo of modern dentistry!

*They Protect Your Healthy Smile*

A lost tooth needs to be replaced as soon as possible, otherwise your surrounding teeth lose their stability. That’s because your jawbone will weaken and deteriorate, first in just the spot where your tooth used to be, and given enough time, further and further until your other teeth loosen and fall out.

To prevent this, a dental implant is placed inside your jawbone and essentially takes on the role of a replacement root.

An abutment is attached to the implant so your dental crown, or new tooth, can be placed on top so all components work as one dynamic piece!

What’s more is that this process works just as effectively whether you’re replacing only one tooth or multiple teeth with dental bridges and even dentures.

*They Fight To Keep Your Jawbone Strong*

There’s a potential domino effect that begins even when one tooth is lost.

The empty space is a breeding ground for harmful bacteria, and without a tooth root, your jawbone starts to deteriorate.

Once a dental implant is placed inside your jaw and the crown is attached, you can keep the jawbone stimulated, continuously growing, and stronger through the years as a result.

This helps to maintain the structural integrity of your remaining teeth and your facial appearance.

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