Your Guide To No-Fear Dentistry For Kids [BLOG]

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Before we say goodbye to Children’s Dental Health Month, our team at Patrick Stuckey, DDS is here to offer parents a guide to building confident little smiles for everyone in the family!

Your Guide To No-Fear Dentistry For Kids

Here are ways you can establish  no-fear dentistry for the kids in your household, courtesy of your Ruston, LA family dentist!

*Instill Good Dental Habits Early*

Instilling good health habits in your children needs to happen at a very early age.

It’s almost impossible to go backwards, waiting until they’re preteens and have already grown accustomed to junk food, inconsistent nightly curfews, and yes, a sporadic oral hygiene regimen.

By the time they’re first tooth erupts, you can go ahead and start introducing them to daily oral hygiene, showing them how to properly clean their teeth and gums. Eventually, they’ll perfect their technique and won’t even have to think about daily brushing and flossing because it’ll be a normal part of their lifestyle.

In the same spirit, you want to bring them to the dentist early, generally around their first birthday, so they can build relationships with the dentist and staff.

You can trust our kid-friendly team in Ruston, LA to treat your kids like our own! We will create positive experiences with your little ones, provide rewards and incentives for successful visits, and even help them learn how to become part of our No-Cavity Club!

Your child’s best oral health is our goal as much as it is yours, and you can count on us to help your family maintain healthy smiles through every stage of development!

*Be Open To Dental Sedation*

Let’s assume for a moment that you have a five-year-old child who, up until now, has had positive experiences at the dentist and successful dental checkups.

By now, your son or daughter has built a healthy relationship with Dr. Stuckey and our team, and your visits have been drama-free.

But suddenly, you find yourself scheduling an appointment for your child’s first tooth filling. A small cavity is very common in children under the age of eleven, so it’s not the end of the world. Just a little oral health setback that we can treat quickly and easily.

But you and your child are nervous about how well they’ll handle this new, scary treatment.

There’s no reason for either of you to be anxious!

Be open to the use of safe, gentle sedation! Known commonly as laughing gas, we can use this inhaled sedation method to calm your child’s nerves, and even remind them down the road how easily they got through their procedure because of it, should they need restorative treatment later on.

It’s an easy way to make your child more comfortable and confident when they’re faced with new, unfamiliar territory at the dentist office.

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Our staff at Patrick Stuckey, DDS are parents, too. So we understand the stress involved in bringing your kids to the dentist when they’re young and easily intimidated.

That’s why we do all we can to set a positive tone with the little ones from the very beginning of their oral health journey.

With our No-Cavity Club, our gentle sedation, and our kid-friendly atmosphere, your children can begin a lifelong path of great dental health!

Start them off on the right foot and bring your kids in for a fun visit with Dr. Stuckey! Call us today at 318-225-7986 or fill out our convenient online form to request an appointment in Ruston, LA.

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