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When you have dental problems, finding a Ruston, LA dentist should be your top priority. Choosing Patrick Stuckey, D.D.S. can mean the difference between treatment that’s fast and treatment that’s fast and effective. Our expert staff will provide you a pain-free experience and have you eating again comfortably in no time!

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A dental emergency isn’t like a medical emergency. You don’t have to be in immediate danger to call us with your concerns. If you think it’s an emergency, we think it’s an emergency. And if you call us sooner rather than later, you can:

  • Get out of mouth pain quickly
  • Protect your smile from damage later on
  • Possibly keep your natural teeth

If you need emergency dental care, call us now at 318-255-8648. We offer same-day appointments when possible, including weekends if needed, and after hours you can follow our voicemail menu options to text the doctor.

Get The Best Care For Any Dental Problems

There are several types of dental emergencies, and Dr. Stuckey is equipped to help you through them all. Whether you need a dental restoration like a same-day crown or a root canal, we can get you out of pain and back to showing off your beautiful smile.

A primary sign that you need immediate care is pain in your mouth. But that’s far from the only indicator. Other symptoms include:

  • A permanent tooth that has been knocked loose or broken
  • Discoloration in a permanent tooth, sometimes resembling a bruise
  • A toothache that has gone away after a bout of extreme pain
  • Bleeding from your teeth, gums, tongue, or lips

You may think that a toothache that goes away is a good thing, but it could indicate that the nerves in your tooth have died. If that’s the case, you may need a root canal. And the sooner you see us for this procedure, the more likely we are to preserve your natural tooth!

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Don’t take chances with your oral health. Call Patrick Stuckey, D.D.S. at 318-255-8648 when you have dental emergencies. Follow the voicemail menu options to get a message to Dr. Stuckey.

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