Get Your Smile And Your Life Back In Ruston With Restorative Dentistry

Whether it’s chowing down on gumbo or biting into a juicy Ruston peach, you know what you’re missing if you have chewing problems. Restorative dentistry from our Ruston, LA dentist can have you ordering crawfish at Ponchatoulas and enjoying the Louisiana Peach Festival in no time! Call Patrick Stuckey D.D.S. for a no-fuss solution that will bring back the function and beauty of your smile.

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If getting to eat your favorite foods isn’t compelling enough, here are some other reasons to seek out restorative dental care:

  • Feel comfortable about your mouth by ending any pain or discomfort
  • Prevent minor annoyances from developing into serious problems
  • Reduce your risk of developing tooth decay and gum disease
  • Get an aesthetic upgrade to your smile, which will give you more self-confidence

The most important reason to repair damage to your teeth is that you deserve a smile that looks and feels great. Call us today at 318-255-8648 to schedule your appointment.

Get Dental Solutions That Feel And Look Totally Natural

Regardless of what type of dental damage you have, we can bring out the best in your smile. There’s a solution for every problem!

Our basic restorative dental care options include:

  • Tooth fillings – You can choose between precious metals and composite resin for your fillings. Both options are durable and safe.
  • Root canal therapy – If the pulp of your tooth is inflamed, we’ll remove the problem pulp and the infection. We’ll then seal off the tooth with a dental crown, which has a double benefit of being protective and attractive.
  • Dental crowns – We use crowns to cover a tooth after a root canal, restore a dental implant, cover flaws in your smile, support dental bridges, and provide structure to weak or damaged teeth. What can’t dental crowns do?
  • Dental bridges – If you are missing a tooth or have one extracted due to damage, we can fill in the gap with a bridge.

To get a durable, attractive solution to your chewing problems, call Patrick Stuckey, D.D.S. at 318-255-8648 for restorative dentistry services.

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