Get A New Smile In Ruston With Dental Veneers – Fast!

You can get a Hollywood smile from a Ruston, LA dentist when you choose someone with the skill and artistry necessary for dental veneers. Patrick Stuckey, D.D.S. has been practicing in Ruston since 1989, so he knows how to give you a custom, timeless look that will stay beautiful for years.

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But this cosmetic dental treatment does more than just give you a new smile. Specifically, veneers can also help you:

  • Avoid more extensive dental work or orthodontics
  • Fill in gaps and correct misshapen or misaligned teeth
  • Hide surface damage like stains, chips, and cracks

Because your smile is unique, we offer a customized experience. There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all smile! Dr. Stuckey will work with you to select veneers that best complement your face shape, smile, and skin tone. We can also provide you with at-home teeth whitening ahead of time to ensure a consistent result.

If you have only a few teeth that need an upgrade, ask us about options for single teeth. That way, you won’t have to worry about the cost of a full set of veneers! Call our Ruston, LA office today at 318-255-8648 for more information.

Enjoy The Most Natural And Durable Materials For Your Smile

While you will have the final say on what your new smile looks like, informed by Dr. Stuckey’s expert opinion, we exclusively offer veneers made from e.max® material. That’s because we don’t compromise on quality. You deserve the best cosmetic dentistry available!

e.max is made of lithium disilicate, an all-glass ceramic known for its durability. Considered a breakthrough in dental technology, e.max provides the most aesthetically pleasing smile solution on the market. But that’s not the only advantage of e.max veneers:

  • Their transparency is so similar to that of natural teeth that no one will be able to tell you’ve had cosmetic dental work done.
  • Because they’re so thin, you won’t have to have much enamel removed to prepare your teeth for the veneers procedure.
  • Despite being as thin as contact lenses, they’re incredibly strong, resisting chipping and breaking.

Call Patrick Stuckey, D.D.S. now at 318-255-8648 to book your consultation for dental veneers at our Ruston, LA office. Your new smile is waiting!

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