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At Patrick Stuckey, D.D.S., our priority is saving your natural teeth. That’s why we often recommend root canal therapy combined with a customized dental crown. But sometimes the best course of action for your smile is to have your tooth removed by a qualified Ruston, LA dentist. No matter what your smile needs, we’ll help you make the best choice and complete the necessary procedures.

A tooth extraction procedure can be the right choice for several reasons:

  • We can give you a lasting solution to any dental problems or pain you’re experiencing
  • We can give your gums and teeth a healthy environment where they can thrive
  • We can make room for any replacement teeth you may need

Call our office at 318-255-8648 to schedule your consultation to see if a tooth extraction is right for you. If you’re in immediate pain and might need an emergency tooth extraction, call us for a same-day dental appointment.

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If you need an extraction, it’s often for one of these reasons:

  • Dental decay or injury has left your tooth too damaged for us to save it
  • Your smile has become crowded by a problematic tooth or teeth

Once we’ve removed your tooth, we can offer several tooth replacement options. Whether it’s dental implants, dentures, bridges, or a combination, we’ll have you smiling in no time. And our procedures are always painless, as we will numb your mouth before doing any work.

If you have any dental anxiety about oral surgery, don’t worry! We can provide inhaled sedation to help calm your nerves. This completely safe sedation option will help you relax, and you can feel safe and comfortable knowing your smile is in capable hands.

Get a final solution to your dental problems with a tooth extraction from Patrick Stuckey, D.D.S. Call us now at 318-255-8648 or use our handy online form.

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